Hiking Eisenhower State Park Part II

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In February of this year Keltin and I visited Eisenhower State Park for the first time but it was a cold trip and the hiking trails were so muddy that we stopped trudging through the mile after little more than a mile. We decided that this state park needed a chance at redemption. We decided to try camping there again this fall and it was a completely different trip.

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The trails were free of mud and we started hiking early enough that for most of our trek we saw only a handful of other people until right near the end. We hiked all of the red trail (.8 miles one way) and about half of the blue trail (3.2 miles one way total) for a total of about 5 miles (see the trail map here).

Bear and our traveling alpaca, Geoff.

For the most part the hiking trails are well marked and well maintained. There is one area near the Buttonbush Scenic Point that we have never figured out the proper trail due to there being so many false trails. I think this is partly due to people making their own path and partly from the trail’s proximity to the lake and washouts.

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Eisenhower State Park is beautiful and well worth the visit for a weekend or just a day of hiking. Remember, leave things better than you found them. Happy trails.

Rock seen decorating the trail.

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