Gear Review: Trekking Poles


Last year before Keltin and I went to Colorado we picked him up a set of trekking poles at REI. Well, I loved them too. That Colorado altitude gets to me when I can really only train at Texas altitude. The trekking poles were really useful at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

I took advantage of some of the awesome sales going on right now to get a set of trekking poles for myself. I purchased my set from Hiker Hunger. This is the same company that I recently wrote a blog post for also. These are their Aluminum 7075 are super easy to use and make longer hikes easier. I really like using them because they make water crossings easier and help me stay balanced when Bear sees a squirrel and tries to chase it while still connected to the lease and me. Please check out my video below to learn more about them.

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Stay safe and when you travel, be eco-friendly. Happy hiking.

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    1. I like them because I’m clumsy and they help me keep my balance at water crossing and such. I’m still getting used to them but like them. They are an extra thing to carry though.

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