Colorado: Traveling Alpaca

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Last year while at the International Balloon Fiesta Keltin and I “adopted” a little stuffed alpaca named Geoff (pronounced Jeff but his full name is Jeffery) – Keltin picked the spelling. Anyway, when Bear in unable to travel with us, we take Geoff. Being that he is our fluffy traveling companion he has to have his own adventures!

On top of Wolf Creek Pass.
He was causing trouble in Creede and we had to bail him out of jail!
Geoff summited Alberta Peak overlooking the Wolf Creek ski area.
With Chimney and Companion Rock in the background, he made it to the top.

Geoff also traveled to New York City with Keltin over the summer and went to the top of World Trade Center One! My favorite picture is the one on the Great Sand Dunes, you cannot tell in the picture but it was so windy! I’m pretty sure we are still getting sand out of his fluff. Happy Travels.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!


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