Colorado: Treasure Falls


On the way up to Wolf Creek Pass out from Pagosa Springs there are a couple of places to stop. One is a scenic overlook that was closed while we were there. The other stop is Treasure Falls. This is a short trail (.6 mile loop) with a small parking lot that gets busy on the weekend. Despite the popularity of the trail it is worth visiting.

We took the primitive trail up and the main trail back down.
I love this picture Keltin took – it looks like the squirrel is the only stationary being in the whole world.

The hike is worth it for the views – both of the mountains and of the falls – despite the switchbacks and false trails where people have made their own paths. Please don’t walk off the trail, it destroys parts of the environment that needn’t be destroyed – at least not by our wandering and clumsy feet.

A storm is rolling in.
We made it to the falls!

This trail is best to visit early in the mornings or in the middle of the week when fewer people are out and hiking it. Treasure Falls was the first of many hikes on this fantastic trip. Happy travels and remember to leave no trace when you explore nature.

Thank you KW Photography for the use of your wonderful photo.


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