Colorado: Hiking Alberta Peak


Keltin and I really enjoyed this hike. It begins at Wolf Creek Pass and gains about 1,200 feet of altitude. When starting out on this trail you walk though a lot of beetle kill but there are young trees coming back.

Due to extra light the undergrowth was lush and the wild flowers were beautiful.

Part of the Alberta Peak trail runs with a section of the Continental Divide trail and the views are fantastic. I would love to hike more of the CDT but that requires a bit more training.

We saw at least a dozen marmot and possibly more at various parts on the trail but this is the only one that stayed still long enough for me to snap a picture before taking off back into his rocky hiding place.

The trail is fairly clear and well worn until it is time to summit and then it is so rocky that the trail can only be seen faintly. The rocks are not all stable and you have to be careful on the summit but the view is worth it.

We started on this trail around 6:30 in the morning and did not see another hiker unit we were around the half way point of our decent. If you want a moderate hike that is easy to get to I suggest this trail.


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