Weekend Wandering: Graphite Pencil + Paper


Keltin and I recently found out that there is a new pencil shop in McKinney: Graphite Pencil +Paper and we had to stop in and check it out one Sunday afternoon. The lady that owns the shop is awesome and happy to help you find the best writing utensil for daily use or a specific project.

This shop has a lot of neat pencils and you can try them out before buying them to make sure they are what you are looking for. Shops like this are a great way to test out new pencils without buying a whole pack. They even stock vintage pencils and paper – when they can find them!

Keltin picked up a pack of vintage Sunset pencils while I got a couple of newer ones. The triangular Faber-Castell with grips is my favorite and of course we needed a couple of Blackwing Vol. 42.

Shop local, support local and celebrate the inner nerd in you with pencils!


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  1. I love a stationery shop, and I don’t mean one that never moves! Pens and pencils have so much magic in them, the possibilities of what they might produce are endless.

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