Colorado: Exploring Pagosa Springs


During this trip we actually stayed in Pagosa Springs and sadly we had forgotten our swim suits and were so busy that we did not enjoy any of the actual hot springs but we will make sure to do so on our next visit. We did enjoy wondering around the main tourist portion of Pagosa Springs, however.

We started off our adventure down the main road with ice cream. Well Kelitn did and I had a homemade popsicle.

If you are in Pagosa Springs this shop is worth a visit!
Cookies and Cream rolled ice cream – so delicious!

From there we moved on to a used bookstore, I didn’t buy anything but I considered a book called Wildflower Folklore. The shop had some great signs in front!

Most of the other shops along the way are touristy or they are businesses that don’t interest tourists. There are also a number of restaurants. If the weather cooperates the patio at Alley House is really nice and the food is excellent but it is on the pricier side. Keltin and I stopped in for a flight at Riff Raff brewing – more on that coming Friday.

The best thing about Pagosa is the walk ways along the river. Many of the hot springs that the town is known for over look the water. We walked the paths a couple of night and really enjoyed the sunsets.

If you are in southern Colorado, don’t miss out on visiting this beautiful town.

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