Colorado: Rocky Mountain Balloon Adventures


Keltin and I went on a hot air balloon ride at the Albuquerque international Balloon Fiesta last year during a mass ascension. The winds were strong and we were surrounded by thousands of people and hundreds of other hot air balloons. Our balloon flight with Rocky Mountain Balloon Adventures could not have been more different.

We got to float the skies with Keltin’s parents and they loved it. It was different – being the only balloon in the skies and the winds were almost non existent. We only floated a couple of miles from where we took off and the chase vehicle didn’t have to far to go.

On the decent back to the earth.

This landing was different too. The one in New Mexico was rough – pretty much a crash landing but it was a ton of fun. This landing was just a bump and the basket stayed up. The view was beautiful and the day was clear – perfect for a balloon ride.

Overlooking Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Thank you KW Photography for letting me use your wonderful photos.


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