NaNoWriMo Update


I survived National Novel Writing Month! I successfully typed 50,000+ words in a month and I actually still have a few to go before my story is complete. My only question is: who in the heck decided that NaNoWriMo needed to be in the same month as Thanksgiving. Seriously, I almost did not manage to get my word count in on time because I was with family.

This month had a lot of stress but I completed the challenge and Keltin got in his 50,000+ words in right along with me. There were many days I wondered if I had enough words in me, when I wondered if my story could be stretched far enough but I did and it could be. Now the trick is to keep writing. I think I’m going to try writing more with pencils for a bit though, I’m tired of looking at a computer screen everyday.

See my original NaNoWriMo post here.


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