NaNoWriMo Update


I survived National Novel Writing Month! I successfully typed 50,000+ words in a month and I actually still have a few to go before my story is complete. My only question is: who in the heck decided that NaNoWriMo needed to be in the same month as Thanksgiving. Seriously, I almost did not manage to get my word count in on time because I was with family.

This month had a lot of stress but I completed the challenge and Keltin got in his 50,000+ words in right along with me. There were many days I wondered if I had enough words in me, when I wondered if my story could be stretched far enough but I did and it could be. Now the trick is to keep writing. I think I’m going to try writing more with pencils for a bit though, I’m tired of looking at a computer screen everyday.

See my original NaNoWriMo post here.


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  1. Why is NaNo in the same month as Thanksgiving….I’ve wondered the exact same thing! How about October…no major holidays until the last night of the month. Plus, 31 days instead of 30. Anyway….CONGRATS!!!!

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