Colorado: Pagosa Brewing Co.


After leaving Chimney Rock National Monument Keltin and I were starving and decided it was time to visit Pagosa Brewing Co.

We just sampled a flight but they were all good!

  • Wolf Creek Wheat – a cloudy, refreshing beer
  • Classic Pils – light and slightly citrus
  • Chile Verde Cerveza – it’s spicy green chile beer, I didn’t like it but Keltin did.
  • Soaker’s Stout – Dessert in a glass – dark beer with a hint of chocolate

The food was good too – I think. We piratically inhaled a pizza between us. And finished off everything with a root beer float. If you are going through Pagosa Springs and need a bite to eat or a good beer I suggest stopping in here.


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  1. I’m going to check out if I can order their beers on line. The Chile Verde Cerveza sounds like something I would absolutely love. I haven’t heard of anything close in my neck of the woods. Good post!

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