Colorado: P.S. Chocolates


After our balloon flight and a jaunt up to Wolf Creek Pass we were all in the mood for something cold. Originally we were going to get ice cream until we came across P.S. Chocolates in a little strip mall on the way back into Pagosa Springs.

I did get something cool to drink but instead of a milk shake it was a wonderfully refreshing lavender lemonade. Keltin’s mom tried the iced coffee with cream while the guys went with the frozen hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

With as good as the lemonade was I couldn’t walk out of the store without trying at least one of her delicious looking truffles. The only problem is that everything looked amazing. In the end we all ended up picking one.

  • Lavender Truffle – milk chocolate and cover in pistachios
  • Milk chocolate with an orange cream center
  • Dark chocolate with chili
  • Dark chocolate with a caramel center topped with sea salt
All the delicious options.
Our selections.

If you are ever in Pagosa Springs I recommend stopping by to quench that sweet tooth craving and for a drink of something cold.


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