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I couldn’t go to Texas Wine Country and not drink some Texas Wine. Keltin is not a big wine fan so I got to pick the tasting room and we decided to go to Becker Vineyards. They are actually located in Stonewall, Texas but have a store and tasting room in Fredericksburg.

The store front doesn’t do flights but they do have a tasting option where you get 6 or so 1 oz. samples and you get to keep the glass. I went in with a little bit of a mission though. Keltin and I had decided to grill steaks at our cabin for dinner and I wanted a good red to go with them.

Old sign hanging outside of the Becker Vineyards tasting room on Main Street.

I say 6 or so wines because they were giving away a sample 2017 Viogner Reserve wine also, it was a nice light, dry white. Here is everything else that I tried:

  • 2016 Jolie Rose – dry and fruity, not sweet
  • 2017 Saigrie – rose, dry, lightly fruity with a tart finish
  • 2015 Main Street Reserve – Cabernet Sauvignon, flavor lingers, not too woody.
  • 2017 Tempernillo Reserve – nice spicy finish
  • 2017 Ranger Hays – red blend, smooth
  • 2017 Petite Sirah – smoky, dry and rich

My favorite was the Petite Sirah but it was also one of the more expensive wines on the list so I decided to buy a bottle of the Main Street Reserve for dinner.


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