Sons of Liberty Coffee

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Catty corner from the Fort Worth T&P Station where you can ride the TRE and new TexRail is a standalone coffee shop called Sons of Liberty Coffee. Keltin takes the public transportation to work and has seen this coffee shop in passing and we finally decided to try it. Well Ketin decided to and asked if I wanted to come along,

If you don’t want to take the train to get there, the shop backs up to a parking garage and has a backdoor leading to it. The shop its self is fairly large and open with lots of tables and plugs along the walls for charging your laptop. To the right when coming in the front door is a small section with their merc before you get to the counter to order.

They make a pretty good London Fog Latte, even if it was a bit small. They do add just the right amount of sweetness. Keltin got a mocha, which was also good if a bit small for the price.

London Fog Late and a book!

Along with coffee and tea they sell pastries and breakfast tacos. We didn’t get any pastries but we did get some breakfast tacos. They were good and they came with some fairly spicy salsa but they are sold individually and are kinda pricey.

Avocado and egg breakfast taco

All told the coffee and food were excellent but it was more than I would be comfortable paying for on a regular basis.


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