Texas Hill Country: Walnut Canyon Cabins


During our recent trip to Fredericksburg we wanted to stay somewhere different. Keltin came across the Walnut Canyon Cabins. Wonderful and quiet. The property has seven cabins of varying sizes about 15 minutes from Fredericksburg. The roads to get there were lush with trees and wildflowers and in the evening – white tail deer.

We stayed in the Siesta Cabin, one big room with a bed and small kitchen with a small bathroom off to the side. The cabin also has a front porch, back porch and roof top patio. This cabin is just right for a couple. On a cloudless night on the rooftop patio you can star gaze.

Our home for the weekend.

Technically this is considered a bed & breakfast and they do provide you with local eggs, locally smoked ham, locally roasted coffee, biscuit dough, butter, fresh fruit, honey and jam. We had more than enough breakfast to fill us up. Off the back patio was a grill and the property provided charcoal and lighter fluid allowing an easy way for us to grill out one evening.

This cabin does not have wifi, it does have cell service but not enough that you want to stream with and in all honesty going wifi free for a weekend was nice. There is a TV in the cabin but we never even turned it on instead spending most of our time on the back patio.

Our favorite breakfast spot.

We saw somewhere around 30 white tail on the roads to the cabin and a handful on property. They were curious and would watch us but never get close. At night fall one evening we had to armadillos rustling around in the grass of the back porch. I don’t think they noticed us at all. The property owners are eco friendly, they recycle and have recycling bins in the cabins. They also provide eco friendly soap. The cabins are also pet friendly but there is an extra fee.

View from the back porch,

Every cabin was rented for Memorial Day weekend but the property was quiet and we rarely saw anyone else. This was not a fancy weekend but it was relaxing and away. Away from the rush of everyday, away from the constant road noise. This is a place to relax, to read your book and drink your coffee slowly and actually have time to enjoy it before you go out for the rest of the day.

Bedroom, the kitchen area is to the right and behind the camera.

I recommend this place for those that want to escape for a long weekend. It is comfortable and affordable and it is different from the dime-a-dozen hotels that you can find anywhere. Don’t forget to sign the guest book when you leave. Happy travels.

View from the rooftop patio.

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  1. What a beautiful place for a quiet weekend getaway! I actually stayed in a similar cabin in Italy just outside Venice, and it was such a nice antidote to the tourist madness of that city – and such a great place to wake up in, as well.

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    1. It was wonderful! I love when I visited, we didn’t stay in the super touristy areas but near there. I bet staying outside the city was fantastic and quiet.


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