Main Street Fredericksburg


After the National Museum of the Pacific War we were starving, Main Street had gotten a lot busier that it had been at 9 am that morning and it was raining. That didn’t stop us from having a good time.

After more deliberation on my part than I want to admit we headed over to the Auslander Beirgarten Restaurant for lunch and managed to snag the last table for two in the bar area. I got the Stuffed Portobello that had, among many other things, a tomato pecan pesto that was excellent. This thing was stuffed with mashed potatoes and cream spinach too. Keltin got the Rouladen which is roast beef wrapped around pickles. He loved it.

The beer was the best part though. We asked our waitress what was good. I ended up with a local brew from Altstadt, their Alt and Keltin had a German beer, Warsteiner Dunkel. Mine was good, his was better.

From there we wondered Main Street, popping into little shops and people watching. Some of their signs were great.

We stopped at one point and ate the mother of all banana splits. I’m pretty sure we are still running off the calories from that glorious monstrosity.

The cow bench makes for a cute picture but that seat was HOT!

There were a variety of shops from jewelry, to cooking, pet supplies – more like the perfect way to spoil your dog – and candy stores. We didn’t get anything here but some of the options were interesting to say the least.

Not sure I really want to know the type of people that want a chocolate dipped dill pickle.

Main Street Fredericksburg is a great place to spend a day wondering the shops or an evening sipping wine and listening to live music. Happy travels!

Thank you KW Photography for the use of your wonderful photos!


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