Paperback Perils: The Dresden Files


Title: The Dresden Files

Author: Jim Butcher

Publication Date: Various

Publishing House: ROC

I’m still behind in my reading of new books due to Christmas prep and holiday parties so I am going to tell you about one of my favorite book series Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Dresden Files are urban fantasy and a fantastic subgenre of fantasy. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a Wizard of the White Council and Chicago’s only wizard in the phone book.

I enjoy these books for a variety of reasons. The first and not least of these is that Butcher enjoys exploring all aspects of myth. In book two, Fool Moon, he delves into the different ideas of what makes a werewolf: curses, enchanted items, transformation spells, along with a couple of other different things. Where book three, Grave Peril, looks more deeply into the Vampire Courts: Red, Black, and White. The Reds where a flesh mask that hides their bat like appearance, their saliva is a narcotic, and they drink blood. Black Court are the traditional Dracula like vampires. Dresden says that the demise in their numbers happened when Stoker published his book. The Whites look human and are born, not made. They feed off emotions, mostly lust and fear; their feeding through is just as deadly as that of the other two courts.    

Vampires and werewolves are not the only magical creatures explored in this series but they are some of the better well known. The books are filled with monsters and magic: invocation and thaumaturgy, with a few potions here and there. But they are more than that too. One of the reasons that I enjoy these books so much is because of the relationships Butcher fills them with and how those relationships change. One of my favorite characters is Lt. Karrin Murphy, she is the head of Special Investigations for Chicago PD. She is the shortest characters and it does not stop her from kicking ass, sometimes Dresden’s because he can be an idiot. One of my other favorite characters is Michael Carpenter, he wields a sword of the cross. He fight evil with faith in the Lord and with the belief that doing the right thing is the only thing a person should do in a bad situation.

What I love is the changes in these characters and others from book to book. Relationships deepen, trust forms, some find the little bit of bravery that they never knew they had. There is love and loss, sacrifice and unexpected gifts. This series is exciting if not always happy, if you enjoy a good explosion this series is probably for you. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this small introduction into The Dresden Files. The first book is Storm Front. Butcher does have a couple of other series that I will talk about later. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away in the comments sections. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. As always have a great week and happy reading.