Foodie Friday: Classic French Cooking Class


For Christmas I requested cooking classes, to make things easy I was given a Sur La Table gift card. So I promptly signed up for a few classes, the first of which was Classic French.

I had a great time at the class, you get to make a main dish and dessert. We were a bit short on time and our chef instructor made most of the dessert. We work in groups of four for this class to prepare Coq Au Vin Blanc. It is a roasted chicken dish that is typically made with red wine but this variation was made with a chardonnay.

Prepping the vegetables to be sauteed then roasted for the sauce.
Broth, wine, and flour for the sauce.
Getting ready to add the chicken back in before it goes in the oven.

To go with our Coq Au Vin Blanc we made Truffle Pommes Puree, which sounds fancier than truffle mashed potatoes. I could have eaten a whole bowl of them. The truffle flavor was added by using both truffle oil and truffle salt. You can use just one but during the class we were given the opportunity to try both.

Completed Entree

The completed main dish was the pommes puree with a bone-in chicken thigh on top surrounded by the sauce that the chicken had been roasted in. The sauce was strained before it was plated. Surrounding the pommes puree are sauteed pearl onions and mushrooms. The garnish is crispy bacon and fresh thyme. I devoured this all in about 10 minutes, absolutely delicious. I don’t even like onions and these pearl onions were good.


The dessert course was Floating Meringue with Vanilla Bean Creme Anglaise. Due to the time constrains the chef made the creme anglaise ansd caramelized sugar. We did make the floating meringue and cooked them in simmering milk. This dish wasn’t too sweet, just enough and it was creamy.

The class was fun and if nothing else I learned that I always have more to learn. I highly suggest taking one of these classes ti work on your own skills or as a fun thing to do with your partner. Our class had two different groups celebrating birthdays. You are given the recipes to take home. Have a great Friday!

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