Must Haves for Camping with Dogs


We love taking Bear camping and hiking. Dogs require just as much gear as people to be comfortable and safe while relaxing in the campsite! Some of these might make you ask, “who would forget that?” But we have all forgotten something important every now and then. Hopefully this check list will help on your future camping trips!

  1. Food – this sounds like an easy one to remember but on one overnight trip we forgot Bear’s food, thank goodness there was a store near by.
  2. Pet Medications – before going camping or hiking with your dog make sure they are up to date on all shots and heartworm and flee preventatives. Don’t forget to pack any daily meds, even if it is just fish oil.
  3. Water – like remembering the dog food this might sound ridiculous but it is important to ensure that your dog is healthy – especially if the campsite is primitive.
  4. Harness – harness give you more control on long walks and hikes. They are also good for camp so that your dog is not connected to a leash on his collar for several hours. We use this harness for Bear.
  5. Leash – If you are like us, you might load the dog up in the car without using a leash, make sure it gets added before leaving.
  6. Tie-out cable – at camp you are not going to want to want to hold onto your dog’s leash for the whole time and most camp grounds require that dogs be leashed at all times. These tie-out cables are a great way to make sure everyone is comfortable at camp!
  7. Collapsible bowl(s) – these are great, they pack up small and are fairly light weight. We have two: one stays attached to my pack for use on hikes and the other is for use around camp.
  8. Light-up collar or vest – lantern and firelight only go so far. Light-up collars or vests are a great way to track your dog at night!
  9. Sleeping pad or blanket -Dogs get cold too and putting something between them and the ground helps them stay warm. We have a quit that we take for Bear to sleep on while camping if he is not cuddling with us.
  10. Dog bags – no matter where you are, on a walk, hike or at a campsite, clean up after your dog. The easiest way to do this is to remember the dog bags.
  11. Patience – they like to sniff and get tired paws too!
Bear on a Log

What other gear do you bring when camping with your dog? Let me know in the comments. I’ve got a dog gear review coming soon! Watch out for it!

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