Hiking Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

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I have been on the search for good free hiking trails. Many good trails – at least around here – are not free to visit. Many trails that are well maintained are at state parks and the free trails that are maintained by cities or counties are not as well maintained. Many of the trails around this area are around lakes and get washed out. It is an unfortunate consequence of the trail locations.

I was happy to find Clear Creek and on a whim Bear and I went out to explore and see what things were like. We took the High Trail up to the Fisherman’s Trail then over to the Wetland’s Trail and around the pond. We got about three miles in with some backtracking for pictures and a short stroll down the Old Wetlands Road. All-in-all the trails were well maintained, for the most part, and fairly popular. The only one that was a little rough was the Old Wetlands Road. It did not appear to be as popular as the others.

This nature heritage center is dog friendly but they don’t provide dog bags, so make sure to bring your own and dogs must remain on leash. If visiting Clear Creek, make sure to bring plenty of water. I did not see any water filling stations and be advised that the restroom is a porto-o-potty. Also, the Education Center is not always open. You can find more information here.

I had a great time on this little hike, exploring these nature trails. I want to go back soon and hike the remaining couple miles of trails. I bet in the spring this nature center is really pretty, I intend to find out. Are there near you that you enjoy hiking? Let me know in the comments. Safe travels.

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