Book Review: The Wind from Faerie

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Title: The Wind from Faerie
Author: William Justus 
Publication Date: 2019
Publishing House: Authors 4 Authors Publishing Cooperative

I wanted an easy book to listen to on the plane during our last trip and picked this audiobook from the library.


Kellan can only dream of a life without servitude, a life beyond the woods. And magic? That’s just a legend. But after he discovers a book of magic in his master’s library and begins to summon the power of wind, it becomes his obsession. When the emperor offers to test serfs for magical ability, it’s everything Kellan could ask for: a chance for an education, a chance to see the world, a chance for freedom.
At the Lyceum, he finds not only that, but friends, enemies, and more danger than he bargained for. There, it doesn’t take long for tales to form about Kellan the Fey. Can he become worthy of such renown? First, he must contend with the Wind from Faerie…

I really wanted to like this book. It’s not horrible but it is lacking. Kellan tries to change and while his abilities increase his character doesn’t really develop, there is some hope near the end. There is also the issue that there are not any long-term consequences to anything, there are some short term ones but there are few consequences that stretches the length of the book. One element that does bother me is that the main character is being trained to lead men into battle and battle magic. In defense of his friends and his home, he does kill but he never reflects on the lives that he takes. Overall the book is episodic feeling, each chapter its own adventure.

Some things that I did enjoy. The magic in the world deals with controlling the elements and I enjoy the little details in the magic system where no more than one element can be used at a time and wielders of magic can stop others from using their power in a battle of wills. I appreciate that the students at the Lyceum are able to duel each other, the author displays some great action sequences where the audience can fill the thrill without worrying about the life of the character.

This is a fun, easy fantasy read that would be good for a lazy weekend. There will be a second book and I am kind of curious to see how this authors writing progresses. If you have read this book let me know what you think. Happy reading!

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