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China: Bell and Drum Towers with Tea: March 2016

I hope that everyone has adjusted well to the time change. Happy Pie Day! Let us travel back to the beauty of China. After the a final ride in the rickshaws we visited the bell and drum towers. These towers signaled the open and closing of the city gates at one point in Beijing’s history.

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China: Rickshaw and Hutongs: March 2016

Our second day in Beijing was spent at the Forbidden City, where the emperors of China once lived. I have actually posted this story already and you can read it here. Also, if you have any interest in learning more about the Forbidden City check out the movie The Last Emperor. This review of the

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China: Jade Shop and The Ming Tombs: March 2016

Our first afternoon in China was busier than our first morning if you can believe it. From The Great Wall we headed to a jade shop and restaurant. I learned quickly that many of the places we ate at served the platters of food on a lazy susan on the middle of the table. I

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