China: Jade Shop and The Ming Tombs: March 2016


Our first afternoon in China was busier than our first morning if you can believe it. From The Great Wall we headed to a jade shop and restaurant. I learned quickly that many of the places we ate at served the platters of food on a lazy susan on the middle of the table. I really enjoyed it because it allowed me to try a little bit of everything. Most of the places we ate at had a light local beer on the table as one of the drink options. From previous posts, you can probably tell that I love beer and I loved being able to try the local stuff. The restaurant also had a small bottle of local liquor on the table. We all had to try some and that stuff burned going down. One sip was all I needed.img_7089

The jade shop itself was intriguing, the intricacy of the carving and the sheer size of some of the pieces was just incredible. Since words won’t do the art justice, check out my pictures. img_1034img_1035img_1036

After the jade shop we visited the Ming Tombs. Honestly, by this point in the day I was so tired and don’t remember actually learning any which is sad because I love to learn. Also, I took pictures of all the statues along the Spirit Way and was lagging behind the main group. This path is lined with the statues of men and animals. Some of the animals are depictions of real animals but there are also many mythical creatures. All the statues hold some significance. I have no idea what the mythical creatures are supposed to be. My knowledge of Chinese Mythology is limited, if you know of any good books on topic please let me know. 

That night after dinner we went to a kung fu show. The theater looked like a red interwoven birdcage. Regarding the performance, the parts that I remember are wonderful but sadly exhaustion caught up to me and I passed out about two thirds of the way though and only woke up midway through the closing act.img_1045img_1046

If you get the chance – go visit China.

All these pictures were either taken with a phone or a little point and shoot digital camera.

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  1. Got a laugh at part about being so tried from activity that you fell asleep during the show. Us old people did all except run up and down the Great Wall. We just went the other way which was also steep but not as steep as your way. We stay awake through the whole show, go figure. Love reading your Blog.


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