Kansas: Scott Lake State Park

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After visiting the Keystone Gallery we headed to Historic Scott Lake State Park. There is a day pass fee of $5 per vehicle to visit Scott Lake. Visitors can camp and hike at this state park. We particularly went to visit the El Cuartelejo site. This is the site of “the remains of the northernmost known Native American pueblo [ruins]”(ksoutdoors.com). It is though that the people that lived at this site came up from New Mexico to escape the Spanish. The Pueblo people were not the only ones to have lived in the area of Scott Lake.

The actual site is a recreation based off of the 1898 excavation. A scale model of the site can be seen at the El Quartelejo Museum in Scott City, Kansas. Yes, there are a couple of spelling variations.

This was a cold a breezy day in December. Even thought Historic Scott Lake State Park is located in a small valley, it didn’t stop the wind. That being said, we did not do any hiking but we did explore the state park a bit and enjoyed the beauty of winter.

This was a very brief visit to this state park and I do want to go back for some hiking and to explore a site near the park called Battle of Punished Woman’s Fork that was the last battle Native Americans fought in Kansas. That adventure is for another day. What type of historic sites do you enjoy visiting? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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