Kansas: Keystone Gallery

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The day after our hike up Black Mesa Summit we decided to go to Scott City to the local state park and a museum there. Well, we got sidetracked and decided to visit the Keystone Gallery first. If you are fan of the prehistoric this is a must visit place. The proprietor of the gallery has a fantastic fossil collection. Yes, some are casts of the original fossils but most are the genuine article. He is also an artist and his art can be purchased at the gallery.

Pretty much all of the fossils at the Keystone Gallery are from aquatic animals. During the Cretaceous period there were some big carnivore that hunted in the waters in what is now Kansas. I was definitely nerding out the there.

If you visit the Keystone Gallery, call before you go to make sure they are actually open. Sometimes they aren’t open – especially in the winter. The gallery is located in the middle of nowhere Kansas but there are some neat things around too:

  • Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park: North about 15 minutes – theses are dirt roads so be carful if it is wet. There is a small fee to visit. Get more information here.
  • Monument Rocks: East about 20 minutes, these are on private property but are open to the public. These are free to visit.
  • Scott Lake State Park: South about 15 minutes. There is a small fee to visit. More information about Scott Lake State Park coming soon.

This was a fun visit that actually ended up being a lot longer than intended but there was a lot of neat stuff to look at and learn. Do you enjoy fossils? Let me know in the comments and safe travels!

Analog Film Photo: 120mm Film
Analog Film Photo: 120mm Film
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