Visiting the Monnig Meteorite Gallery

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I don’t talk about it much but I really love science. My love mostly revolves around fossils and space. Way back in 2019 I was looking up things to do locally and found out about the Monning Meteorite Gallery at TUC. And then 2020 happened and the gallery closed. I don’t know when exactly it reopened but I think that it was this year.

Keltin and I had a ton of fun visiting this gallery. It is free to visit but visitors do have to pay for parking (at least during the week, parking is free on the weekends). The gallery is open 1pm to 4pm Monday to Saturday. It does not take too long to go through and there is even an interactive portion where visitors can look at the impact damage of various sized meteorites. Also, don’t miss my post regarding the Importance of Dark Skies.

This is part of my close to home series, if you would like to see the others, make sure to check out the links below. This will be an ongoing series as I find new places to explore near my and I would love to hear about the places that you find interesting near you. Let me know in the comments! Safe travels.

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