Campus Theatre: Denton, TX

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This post is a combination of my Close to Home series and it is more than a bit of a Campfire Story because every theater has a ghost. I’m pretty sure it is almost a requirement. The Campus Theatre is home to Theatre Denton, this is the local community theatre in Denton, TX. Keltin and I really enjoy theatre in general and supporting local makes things better. This theatre company performs smaller shows for the most part with a volunteer cast. The plays and musicals are well done and full of energy. Now, for a bit of history and spirits.

The Campus Theatre opened in 1949 with a silver screen, not a stage. The type of performance played made little difference, people loved it anyway. From high school students to the manager, Mr. Harrison. But times change and the theatre shuttered its doors in 1985. Not a living soul walked those halls for 10 long years. In 1995 the theatre was converted for stage performances and reopened.

But in that time, someone else was wondering the theatre with actors and techs. Footsteps sounded backstage, in the auditorium, and on the catwalks. Footsteps that went unheard when the building was full of people rehearsing and working on sets. But in the quiet, before the cleaning crew was done or while the stage manager made final checks before locking up after a performance those same footsteps can be heard. Footsteps following behind, checking on those that are caring for the beloved theatre. The whispers say that the spirit is that of Mr. Harrison, the movie theater manager. He is not a malicious just cautious of those working in his home.

This story is a bit dramatic, however I did volunteer at the theatre for the latest show and I did ask about the haunting. The person I spoke to had never seen or experienced the ghost personally but her friends and family have heard it, even if they had not seen anything. This is not an evil spirit but the dedicated ghost of someone that loved the theatre in life and now watches over it in death.

Have you ever seen or heard the ghost in your local theatre? Do you have a favorite play or musical? I would love to hear and share yours favorite myths and legends, they can be commented below or sent via my Contact page. Leave no trace and break a leg.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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