Log Cabin Village: Fort Worth, TX

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One of my favorite things to do is explore things that are close to home. We all have interesting things around the corner that get overlooked because they seem too tame. I’ve known about the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth for a while, it’s across the street from the Fort Worth Zoo and near Trinity Trail but I hadn’t ever had a chance to visit until this summer. I can’t remember how now but I found out about Museum Day. This is an event where visitors can get into participating museums for free on a specific day with a Museum Day ticket. On non-Museum Days, admission for adults is $7 and $6 for kids. This is not a place that will break the bank, even the gift shop is reasonably priced.

I suggest at least a couple of hours to wonder through the Log Cabin Village. This will give you time to speak to the Historical Interpreters and, if you have little ones, to try out all the interactive things available. Those who wish to can:

  • Grind coffee with a hand grinder,
  • Try weaving on a loom.
  • Grind herbs and grain with a mortar and pestle.
  • Garden a bit.
  • Collect eggs (not from real chickens)
This is the loom used for demonstrations by the Historical Interpreter.

The blacksmith was a lot of fun to talk to. He spoke about how the job of a blacksmith changed over time with the birth of the industrial revolution and the ability for things like nails and horseshoes to be mass produced in factories rather than them having to be produced one at a time by a blacksmith at a forge. One of the only professions now that consistently used an anvil is a farrier, someone who shoes horses and has to shape mass produced horseshoes into the unique shape of each horses hoof.

Hand dipped candles.

The village has a place where guests can try their had a dipping candles. These are made a paraffin wax and it takes about 50 layers of wax to make a single candle. These candles are then sold in the gift shop. In the video below you can see me trying my hand at dipping candles.

Herbs drying in the herb drying shed.

There is a massive herb garden at the Log Cabin Village between the blacksmith and the mill. I spent a lot of time looking at the different varieties of herbs that they grow. Guests can wander the stone pathway between the plants and wondering at the variety and wonderful scents. There is also an herb drying shed where herbs would have been hung and dried for preservation for later use.

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This was a wonderful afternoon adventure that I do suggest if you are interested in history. It is a kid friendly place with nice walkable paths. Remember to explore those places just outside your own front door. You might find something interesting. If you liked this post and want to see more along with getting a heads up about where we are headed to next, please consider supporting me on Patreon as it would allow me to bring you additional content both on my site and on my YouTube channel. You can check out my Patreon here. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels.

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