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After exploring Downtown Golden we headed up to Lookout Mountain. On the top of the mountain is the final resting place of Buffalo Bill Cody and Museum. Buffalo Bill was buried here as his final wish. From what the nice volunteer at the visitor center in Golden told us, once Bill Cody passed away his creditors took everything that they thought they could sell.

The view from the top of the mountain is beautiful but the road it narrow on the way up. This road is popular with cyclists, so be careful on the drive up. There are also some parking spots off the road a bit at what I believe are trailheads. We unfortunately did not have time to hike this trip but you can learn more about Lookout Mountain here.

The museum is $5 for adults and $1 for kids and parking is free. The museum has a short film about Bill Cody’s life and the impact that he had on all the people he worked with. His show as a whole did help create some stereotypes that are still seen today unfortunately. But since when do shows mirror reality. Buffalo Bill was also know for paying equal wages to men, women, and minorities alike. He also advocated for Native Americans in a time when few other would.

There is also a separate building with a little cafe and gift shop at the top of Lookout Mountains located next to the museum. The root beer is worth it. The souvenirs are like what you would find anywhere else.

This museum mainly consists of costumes and show posters. Things that the creditors didn’t think would fetch a price. I will admit that the posters are actually pretty cool. Visitors can see how the Wild West show progressed through the years. I do want to note that there is also a Buffalo Bill Center of the West museum in Cody, WY. Explore the Golden, CO museum with me in the video below.

Have you ever been to Lookout Mountain? Have you looked out over Golden from the observation area? Let me know in the comments. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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