Writing Group: Short Stories: XIII

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The prompt this last week was to select an image from a selection of interesting medieval manuscript art and write anything about it. I selected two separate images. The story for the second image is below. Normally I only do edits for spelling but I also did I a bit of reorganization as far as the dialog is concerned.

I do want to note that the person that runs our group did pick some of the more interesting and ridiculous images for us to write about.

Queen Cat

Once upon a time there was a kingdom with a much beloved king and queen. They wished desperately for a child to be their heir and bring security to the kingdom. The king went in search of a miracle. He tore his horse over mountains, across rivers, and through valleys. At the ends of the earth, at the edge of the sea he came to a small hut at twilight.

Knock, knock! “I need a place to stay,” he cried at the door.

A matronly woman answered and allowed him into her home. By the warmth of a fire and with a hot cup of mulled wine she said, “speak, tell me why you have come to the ends of the earth.” He spilled his tale: woe and journey alike.

“I will help you, for a price,” she said. “Ride to the Valley of the Sun and collect two golden apples: one for me and one for you. When toy get home make a wish and eat the apple. Your wife will have the child you desire. If you do not bring me the other apple your line will be cursed.”

The king promised and rode to the Valley of the Sun. Upon picking the golden apples greed over came him and he immediately rode home.

They had a beautiful baby girl. She grew up strong and the king forgot about the threat of a curse. Until on her 16th birthday she shifted into a cat. Her parents stared in horror. Their line would end. Shock slew them both.

The people cried, “the king is dead, long live the queen…cat.”

This was a very quick fairytale attempt. Given more time, I would definitely go back and add a bit more detail here are there. What are your favorite fairytale tropes? Let me know in the comments. Have a great weekend.

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