Writing Group: Flash Fiction: XII

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The prompt this last week was to select an image from a selection of interesting medieval manuscript art and write anything about it. I selected two separate images. The story for the first image is below. As always the only edits I have made are for spelling.


The original text said snakes but the young scribe was working on his first translation. In his nervousness the men began to fight great snails from far off lands.

The artist that was assigned to the manuscript next caught the mistranslation but honestly did not care. Snails were more interesting than illuminating another image of a snake tempting Eve.

The finished manuscript was stolen in a raid on the abby, taken as plunder and the mistake was never caught by the Abbot. The young scribe and artist would have both sighed in relief had they been alive to do so.

In the now, historians and theologians scratch their heads at stories they have never seen before – curious as to the meaning of divine snails.

Do you enjoy flash fiction stories? Let me know in the comments. Have a great day!

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