Kansas: Cousins Eddie’s


I love finding random little, interesting stops in small towns while on road trips. On the way to and from Bent’s Old Fort, we drove through Coolidge, Kansas. In the original 1983 National Lampoon’s Vacation movie Cousin Eddie is from Coolidge, Kansas. Despite enjoying the Christmas Vacation movie, I have not watched the original film and cannot compare the film version of the town to the actual town.

There is an adorable little secondhand shop in Coolidge that has a mural of Cousin Eddie. From what we were told, the mural was originally designed by the owner’s mother but was not painted until after her passing. The name of the shop is Cousin Eddie’s. I have never seen so much interesting random stuff. They had everything from art to model trains to books. We actually found a nice pair of enamel camping mugs.

If you are ever in southwest Kansas and need to stretch your legs, make sure to stop for a moment in Coolidge and take a picture with crazy Cousin Eddie. What types of places do you like to find on road trips? Let me know in the comments! Leave no trace and safe travels.

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