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The United States has some pretty awesome scenic routes over mountains and down coastlines but the ones in Ireland are pretty awesome too. Since our Ireland adventure was a road trip we got to drive along portions of some of these coastal routes. Some tips if you do decide to follow these routes:

  • There are signs once you get on the correct roads indicating the way.
  • These tend to be smaller backroads and the way will probably be winding and slow.
  • The way will be beautiful.
  • There are faster and more direct routes if you don’t have time for the scenic routes.

Roadtrip Tunes

Below is a playlist of songs that we did hear played in Ireland. Yes, Galway Girl was played in Galway and afterwards the singer joked that he knew that is what everyone came to hear. As for the songs played on the uilleann pipes, I don’t know what song was actually played so I picked a bunch to share because honestly, they sound beautiful. The songs that we heard on the radio I either could not find or they were a very surprising collection of late 90’s to 2010 songs that reminded me of middle and high school. Keltin and I did enjoy the music and radio shows.

Causeway Coast

The Causeway Coast route starts from Belfast and ends in Derry/Londonerry after 195 miles. We mainly drove the sections connecting to Bushmills. There are a lot of little towns along this route and they are worth stopping in if you have time to get a cup of tea and watch the waves crash on the cliffs.

Causeway Coast Sights

Note: These are the sights we visited, there is a lot more along this route to see and do.

Image from
Giant’s Causeway

Wild Atlantic Way

The second and much longer coastal route that we drove on during this trip was the Wild Atlantic Way. This 1600 miles route along Ireland’s western coastline begins in Northern Ireland in Derry/Londonderry and ends at the southern tip of the island in Cork. We drove a couple of section: the Slieve League coast and Galway to the Cliffs of Moher.

Wild Atlantic Way Sights

Note: These are the sights we visited, there is a lot more along this route to see and do.

Slieve League

We had a great time exploring sections of these scenic drives of Ireland. The lands and the views are scenic, magical and awe inspiring. Do you have a favorite drive? Let me know in the comments. Safe travels and remember to leave no trace!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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3 comments on “Ireland Coastal Routes”

  1. Great post! The routes you mention sound awesome…and look cool too. Is it me, or does Ireland to have its own unique green hue? I love the fact that you included an Irish playlist; its a no doubt must when driving that long.

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    1. Thank you! I think the saying is Ireland has 40 shades of green. No matter what the land had a unique look due to the bogs and plants that are adapted to live in the acidic soil. A good playlist is an important thing on any road trip.


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