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On this trip we always had breakfast at the hotel. I did try the Irish breakfast – complete with blood sausage, not bad but not my favorite. The taxi driver that took us to pick up our rental car was full of tips on driving on the left side of the road. After picking up our rental we promptly parked it back at the hotel, we weren’t quite comfortable driving in the city. Besides, you see so much more while walking around a city. We stopped in at a little corner sandwich stop for lunch called Arthur’s. It wasn’t anything fancy but it was tasty and I could get a hot tea on a drizzly day.

Titanic Museum

After lunch we headed to the Titanic Belfast museum in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. This was where the Olympic-class ships were built by the White Star Line. These ships were the Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic. The museum is fascinating and interactive. We chose to do the audio tour. It is neat and does give you extra information but I would have had a good time without it. Make sure to pre-purchase your tickets to get the time slot that you want and before starting the museum tour, put your things in a locker downstairs, they are large and only cost a pound. This was great because then we didn’t have to carry our rain gear the whole time.

Titanic Belfast

The Titanic museum covers everything from a brief history of Belfast, the planning and building of the Olympic-class ships, how the different classes of rooms looked, the wreck, the discovery of the ship and popular media inspired by the story of the Titanic. Yes, you will probably leave the museum with Céline Dion’s My Heart Will Go On stuck in your head. There is even a ride of sorts inside the museum, that is meant to immerse visitors in what it would have been like for the men building the massive ships.

Outside of the Museum is the SS Nomadic, a much smaller sister ship to the Olympic-class ships. This ship was at one time used to ferry passengers to the Olympic-class ships. Later in it’s life the SS Nomadic was used as a restaurant in France. Today the SS Nomadic has been restored and is open for viewing as part of the Titanic Belfast museum. It rests in a massive dry dock that was built by the White Star Line for ship repairs.

Exploring the City

Belfast has many wonderful tid-bits sprinkled around the city. Some are older and some are a bit newer. One of these is the Salmon of Knowledge (pictured above) that is based off a creature from Irish Mythology in the tales of Fionn. As for a bit of more recent myth, there are six stained glass art pieces representing different houses or locations from Game of Thrones. Much of the show was filmed in Northern Ireland. We came across 3 of the 6 and they are beautifully made. Politics are complicated in Northern Ireland. Belfast is the capital but the country is also part of the United Kingdom. Either way the City Hall in Belfast is beautiful.

For dinner we made an impromptu decision to have dinner at McHughs, this bar is supposed to be in the oldest building in Belfast. I got to try the Irish stew along with a locally brewed beer. I did drink a decent bit of Guinness but I also sampled the local brews when I could.

Belfast City Hall

We really enjoyed our brief stay in Belfast. We got to dive into some of the history of this city. Have you ever been to Belfast? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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  1. I have been to Ireland but not Belfast
    Loved the tiny roads that made drivers drive carefully around walkers (us). Beautiful country, thanks for sharing

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