Writing Group: Flash Fiction: Part I


Keltin and I joined a small writing group and I thought it might be fun to post my rough flash fiction that I write there. It has been a while since I did some purely creative writing. The only editing done from the original to the version below is spell check.

For the latest prompt we all drew a number and we were given a one sentence prompt based off a movie.

My Prompt: An abandoned two-story house in the country side where lions now live.

My flash fiction

The land was overgrown – native grasses had taken over the once neat fields. Birds nested in the cherry orchard. At first the traveller took the red stains on the broken stone path through the trees as dried cherry juice and animal leaving after having devoured the fruit.

The house on the edge of the garden had been perfect once with a wrap around porch and white picket fence. The traveller hoped to find shelter under its eves from the storm growing in the west. Under their feet the cherry stains were growing larger. A particularly large stain made them stop. Leaning down they picked up a cherry pit. Only to drop the thing in horror in the next moment – it was a tooth.

Looking up tp to the porch they saw a sight to make their heart stop. There napping in the shade of the eves was a lioness. Her tail flicked lazily in the afternoon heat. Not daring to move more than their eyes, the traveller glanced farther down the wooden planks to see the ruffled mane of a male lion lying next to the remains of…something.

My prompt was based off the 1981 movie Roar. This movie is absolutely ridiculous and there were so many serious injuries by the animals on set that caused years in delays. Yes, I had to watch it when I got home because I had to see this train wreck for myself. I hope you enjoyed this bit of creative writing. Feel free to link your writing below. Have a great week.

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