Writing Group: Flash Fiction: Part II


The latest prompt was to select two paint color sample strips and write a short piece using the colors as descriptions and the names of the colors. I selected a sample with three varying shades of deep blue with just a touch of green and the other was shades of deep golden yellow. I have underlined the colors name in the work. As with the original, the only edit is to confirm spellings.

Standing on the low mountain top overlooking the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea the shepherds watched the surf break upon the sands that mimicked the deep yellow of the goldenrod flower in the early morning light. Half way down the mountain rests a mosque with its brilliant blue dome complimenting the depths of the sea. Sheep graze around it as if clouds that have decided to wander the earth for the moment.

The shepherd rests idly on a bit of brilliant verdant grass surrounded by sunflowers, miniature suns in their own right. Bees buzz through the flowers – tiny spots of pitch and butterfield – undisturbed in their work on the sunflowers as the grazing sheep are by them.

The young shepherd stares longingly, mesmerized by the depths of the ever darkening sea. The only break in the horizon is the tiny island of Capri – made faintly blue-green by the distance. Sheep bleat as the day grows warmer. Golden sands fade to white and the toll of the mosque’s bells remind the daydreamer of their charges.

I really enjoyed this prompt and the writing group had some great works flash fiction pieces with this prompt. Do you have a favorite color or word that you like to use in your writing? Let me know in the comments and have a great weekend.

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