Homemade Orange-Honey Butter


Most of the compound butter that I made is savory, mean to bring dinner to another level. Well this week I decided that breakfast needed to be upgraded with orange-honey butter. I even went another step and made my own butter. I wanted this butter because I’d made scones and had extra heavy cream that needed to be used. Find the scones here.

Making butter consists of whipping heavy cream until the milk fat starts to separate from the butter milk. This is a great video to show the process of making butter.

My butter making process – yes it is messy!

Once the better was made, now came the fun part! I added in the zest of one whole orange and about 2.5 tbs honey along with a pinch of sea salt.

From here I stored the butter in an airtight container and let it set overnight before enjoying it on scones.

To make the orange-honey butter you don’t have to make butter from scratch but it is fun. And next time you overwhip your whipped cream you have a backup plan!

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