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If you follow my Instagram you might have seen that I picked up a new hobby or really, I’ve found my way back to an old one. I started watercolor painting in middle school and then in high school I drifted away. There were sports, homework, and jobs to distract me. When I left for college I got rid of all my paints and brushes.

Then 2020 happened. We stayed in a Getaway Cabin and I ordered a watercolor paint kit. I remembered how much I loved it. Around the same time Keltin got a drawing for beginners book in his quarterly box from Graphite + Paper. He was loving the drawing and between seeing how happy it made him and my brief painting on our trip I really wanted to paint again.

When we were on our road trip home from Kansas we stopped a a little stationary store and they had a watercolor travel set. I should have bought it then but it felt too impromptu. So I waited and when I finally decided I really wanted it, I had to pay shipping but made sure to buy it from the same little shop, its always best to support local.

Since then I have just been practicing. I’ll probably never be a famous painter, never sell my work but that’s not the point. To appreciate and enjoy art I don’t have to make money off of it. That would be nice but it’s not required. I paint because it is relaxing to create something beautiful just for me.

What is your favorite hobby? Have you watercolor painted at all? Let me know in the comments!

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