Central Kansas: Road Trip Part II

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After leaving Andale we headed south towards Wichita, Kansas with a particular goal in mind – to visit the Keeper of the Plains. This magnificent statue stands at the joining to the Little and Big Arkansas rivers. In the evening this massive statue is ringed in fire, we unfortunately did not get to see the fire but the Keeper in day light is still a fantastic site.

However, before seeing this wonderful sight we headed over to a local stationary store called Snark and String Studio, this is where I found my watercolor travel set. The shop was in this neat little set of shops built in redone shipping containers called Revolutsia. There were lots of other shops but we only visited a couple.

After the stationary store we had to give the book shop a visit. And who doesn’t love tacos for lunch? This was an impromptu stop on our road trip but it was so much fun. How do you road trip? Let me know in the comments! Safe travels!

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