Central Kansas: Road Trip Part I


Keltin and I had had a ton of fun exploring central Kansas but we wanted a few more adventures before getting home. Between a United States road atlas and a copy of The Kansas Guidebook 2 we mapped out our route home with some fun stops along the way.

A GPS maybe able to tell you how to get there but a map will show you where you want to go.

Some of the places on our list to stop and see were things that we had discussed earlier: The Keeper of the Plains and Pops! in Oklahoma. But there were other stops we added intentionally and some that were impulsive. To plan our stops we first planned the route home. From there we used the map to tell us the towns along the way before diving into the guide book to see if there was anything interesting to stop and visit.

Some of our impulse stops were old barns, things we came across on the side of the road that are rarely in a guide book. Beautiful and sad in their forgotten state. Worth a photo, so that we at least will remember them.

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Andale, KS

One of our first stops that we did plan was in Andale, Kansas. Its a town just off the main highway and it has a Catholic church that is bright red with an impressive spire. It is not the grandest church I have ever seen, but there is something magnificent about it upon the Kansas plains.

Road Trip Must Haves:

  • Snacks – we always bring a bit of candy but also make sure to pack fruit and nuts and maybe some baby carrots.
  • Water – pack up those reusable water bottles and bring an extra
  • Map – make sure your map is up to date whether you are using a paper on or an app – make sure you can use it without service too.
  • Good Music – the right music at the start will set the tone
  • Blankets – I always get cold, its worth it to keep a blanket
  • First Aid – Just in case
  • Emergency Car Supplies – Flats can happen anywhere, it is best to be prepared. Oh and jumper cables.
  • Car Chargers – In this electronic age, don’t forget these or the converters.

These supplies should get you through short road trips, I’d love to know what else you bring. What is your favorite road trip memory? Are you planning your next road trip? Let me know in the comments! Safe travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photo!

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