Belize: Blue Hole Natural Monument


There are a variety of items on all adventures’ bucket lists and for a diver having gotten a chance to dive the second largest barrier reef in the world was defiantly an item checked off the list. Getting to dive the Blue Hole the next day was icing on the cake and another great bucket list item.

We dove the Blue Hole with Ramon’s Village Divers. I will warn you it is an early morning and a two hour boat ride from the dock to the Blue Hole. We were up at five but they fed us breakfast and there was coffee so by the time we actually reached the Blue Hole we were wide awake.

This was the shortest of the dives that we went on with a total time around 25 minutes. The Blue Hole is over 400 feet deep and 1,000 feet wide. We only descended to 135 feet and only stayed down there for 8 minutes before we began to slowly rise. We stayed next to the wall and swam through the stalactites from what might have one have been a cave entrance millions of years ago.

Sorry for the blurry quality.

All throughout this dive some unrational part of me kept expecting to see a megalodon swimming up out of the dark depths of the hole. The sharks that we did see were thankfully the ancient shark’s much smaller decedents.

Our dive master was more than happy to take photos of us.

This dive was amazing and surreal. A different, dark, and ancient world can be seen in the depths but it is worth experiencing. What is on your bucket list? Safe travels.


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