Belize: Food and Drinks

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We enjoyed a lot of good food in Belize other that at El Fogon. After checking into our rooms we made our way to Pineapples restaurant with an ocean front view and with a Carib I enjoyed a pineapple burger – Brooke still craves it and I only shared a bite.

Pineapple burger with Swiss cheese.

Brooke had the ceviche and those little orange bits on the side are habanero pepper – I found out the hard way by just biting into one thinking they were bell peppers. The food in Belize wasn’t typically spice, unless you like habanero level spicy.

On our nice night out we visited the Blue Water Grill that had been recommended to us by a few people. Brooke and Em went for the tuna special while I went for the lobster with a side of a sweet mango sauce – delicious.

Most of the restaurants served some for of key-lime pie. We only tried it once but oh my gosh it was good.

All in all the food was good. We had a lot of sea food and wonderful creamy key-lime pie. Oh and I had a frozen coconut mojito.



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