Belize: Two-Tank Dive


Went went to Belize for several reasons, one of which is that in the waters around Ambergris Caye is the world’s second largest barrier reef. And the first thing we did on our first morning was dive the reef with Belize Pro Dive.

Brooke and Emily

We really enjoyed diving with this dive shop because in addition to having awesome dive masters they encouraged you to inspect your gear and, for the first dive at least, set everything up on your own. While diving your life depends on this equipment, it is good to know it.

Brooke and I with a Nurse Shark

All of the underwater pictures were taken with a GoPro Hero6 with a Super Suit dive housing on. This worked great, the only thing I’d change in the future is I’d use a larger memory card. I have a 16 GB one but taking video, even in 1080p, take up a lot of storage. Also, next time I might get a red filter to bring out additional colors and hues at the deeper depths.

Our dive masters were great at getting pictures of the three of us.

As ocean waters warm up the reefs taking a beating and are dying – even in places like Belize where they are protected. Here are somethings to remember if you do go diving or snorkeling – don’t touch the reef. The oils on our skin are not good for these delicate ecosystems that are home to so much wildlife. Make sure that your hoses aren’t dragging so they don’t get caught in anything. And something that we can all do is use ecofriendly sunscreen. The chemicals in many sunscreens lead to coral bleaching and they probably aren’t good for fresh water ecosystems either.

Brooke and a shark
Brooke and Em above the reef.
Emily swimming

These two dives where fantastic and a Caribbean Reef Shark swam up behind Brooke and startled her! This reef is amazing and teeming with wildlife. It and the other reefs have to be protected, for their sake and for ours. Safe travels!

Our dive master took most of this video – I stay farther away from the eels.


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