Belize: Half Moon Caye Natural Monument


The day we dove the Blue Hole was a long one but in addition to breakfast they also included lunch and we got to eat and visit the beautiful Half Moon Caye. The caye is surrounded by the Lighthouse Reef – which we got to dive earlier in the day but more on that next week. This is a protected island as it is the nesting ground for Red-Footed Booby birds.

Emily, Brooke, and I on the caye.

The island is fairly small and signs near the visitor center make it easy to navigate.

The island is also home to hermit crabs and iguanas. Neither seemed to mind as we explored and didn’t move unless we came too close along the path.

Getting to the bird tower to view the Red Footed Boobies is fairly easy, in addition to signs along the sandy path you can hear them. We didn’t stay at the top of the bird tower long, it was hot and there were a bunch of biting insects up there.

The way their feet wrap around the branch with the webs looks so odd.

Our visit to Half Moon Caye was short but I’m glad that we had the opportunity to go. It is a beautiful, important island that is brimming with life. Happy travels!


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