Belize: Hol Chan Night Dive


Night dives are neat because you get the opportunity to see wildlife that you typically wouldn’t see during the day – mainly predators. We have done very few night dives and jumped on the chance to do this one with Belize Pro Dive.

This night dive was in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. It costs $10USD to get into the reserve and there is a 24 hour security guard keeping watch. This was a super shallow dive – 30ft or less and the lack of depth made fighting the current difficult but the dive was worth it for the animals.

Mr. Stingray

Night dives are odd because your visibility shrinks to the beam of your dive light. It’s also because on most dives you do your best not to use your hands and conserve air by just swimming with your finned feet but the addition of the light means you have use your arms.

Emily’s goal was to see an octopus and we managed in within about five minutes of descending. Apparently there was another later in the dive but i was done at that point and fighting the current too much to care. The grouper would follow us as we swam and if our lights happened to shine on a smaller fish they were often gobbled up by the grouper.

Mr. Octopus

This dive was a lot of fun and we saw some neat wildlife – lots of stingrays. I was the first one back on the boat and I could have stayed their all night looking up at the stars. There was no moon and the lights of the city were far away. It has been a long time since I’ve gotten to spot that many constellations.

Have you ever been on a night dive before? If so, did you enjoy it? Happy Travels!


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