Belize: El Fogon


I’m a bit of a foodie and my sisters are with me on the idea that trying the local food is a must. The guys at the front desk of Ramon’s suggested El Fogon for local fair and they did not steer us wrong. The only reason there was food left on our plates is because we couldn’t eat any more.

While traveling I’ve found the best way to try new foods is to see what the locals like to eat and to ask the waitstaff. Our waiter had barely finished telling us about their specials for the night before Brooke declared that was what she was getting. It was a good dish.

The flavor reminded me if a Thai Curry with a coconut milk base.
I had ginger-orange shrimp with roasted vegetables and coconut rice.

If you ever go to Ambergris Caye I suggest trying the local food. It is wonderful and go with the special – it is better then what is on the menu.


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