Paperback Perils: The Bear and the Nightingale


Title: The Bear and the Nightingale
Author: Katherine Arden
Publication Date: 2017
Publishing House: Del Rey

I found out about the Winternight Trilogy after reading about Bookworm Muse’s reviews on the last two books. And I managed to find a copy of the first book in the series at Half Price Books. This book didn’t sit on my to read shelf very long and I flew through it. This story will have you staying up way too late.

Arden’s first book in the series starts a bit slow but she uses it to build the world we will grow to love. The old deep forest, long winters, tales around the fire. The reader appreciates the other characters too as we get to know them: Pyotr, Vasilisa’s honorable father who loves his family fiercely; her gentle and beautiful sisters; and her brother one pious, one the heir, and the one that she shares her adventures with.

The antagonist in the story is interesting too, there is a distinctive one but you only understand it towards the end. For most of the text people try and do what they think is right for those they lead but their actions do more harm than good.

Arden weaves Russian folklore in to the pages, creating a world of subtle magic. I suggest this book for lovers of folklore and magic, lovers of fantasy, and those ready to let their minds run wild in an ancient forest. I cannot wait to read book two: The Girl in the Tower.


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