Musical Review: Hello, Dolly!

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Keltin and I recently saw Hello, Dolly! at the Dallas Summer Musicals. We are almost to the end of the season with only Fiddler of the Roof left after this.

Hello, Dolly! was first performed on Broadway in 1964. Some of the ideas in this play are a bit older but they are charming. The performance is light-hearted and funny with ridiculous situations. The costumes are bright and colorful and perfect of the setting of 1889. Dolly Levi is a witty matchmaker who has an eye on a new husband herself and in this performance was portrayed by the wonderful Betty Buckley.

Despite not knowing anything about this musical Keltin and I both loved it from the moment we walked into the theater. We loved the traditional red curtain with the lights all around. This musicals also had more speaking portions than a lot of the other musicals that we have seen this year and was a bit more traditional than some of the newer shows like Hamilton. We were reminded of shows like My Fair Lady.

It was very lively and energetic, and colorful. It was also funnier than I expected.”

– Keltin

All in all this was a wonderful performance and I recommend it for anyone that wants a good laugh and to see a good show. If you have seen this show what did you think? Have a great weekend!


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