Hamilton is a play based off the biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Keltin actually read the book in preparation for watching the performance. The musical was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The set for the show is really simple and use quiet effectively. Its also odd because there wasn’t a curtain obscuring the set before the show or during the intermission.

Stage and set

The performance itself was fantastic. History told through rap and song. The rapped portions are mainly contained to the political portions of the musical. Hamilton’s personal life and other affairs are contained to more traditional musical type songs. There are some pretty awesome rap battles between Hamilton and Jefferson while they are both members of Washington’s cabinet. Also, there are some well timed and well placed uses of profanity in Hamilton.

Can’t wait for the performance!

The music itself is catchy and it is easy to understand why this musical a hit. It hits on all the big points of Hamilton’s life and is fairly historically accurate. If you get the chance to watch a performance of this play I highly recommend it and if you can’t catch a show, listen to the music. Also, I have not read it but there is a book on the making of Hamilton called Hamilton -The Revolution. If you have seen this show I’d love to know what you thought about it! Have a great weekend.

I’m just like my country
I’m young, scrappy and hungry
And I’m not throwing away my shot”

From HamiltonMy Shot


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  1. I’ve listed to the soundtrack so many times that when I have to count something I hear The 10 Duel Commandments in my head every time!

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