Galveston Railroad Museum


As much as Keltin and I love the beach we can only sit and bake in the sun for so long. We love exploring new places and new things, thus on our most recent trip down to the Texas coast we visited the Galveston Railroad Museum.

This museum is right on The Strand and in walking distance from tons of wonderful restaurants and little touristy shops. For adults it costs $10 to visit but only $5 for kids.

This museum is mostly outside. Many of the trains are open exhibits but they get HOT inside so I would recommend going early or just not going in the heat of the summer.

My favorite’s were the engines that you can climb into and ring the bell. These old trains are just awesome in general. They also have this really neat old steam powered steam crane from 1904. You know that thing would be a bit warm to run in the summer.

Trains are a huge part of American history and this museum also includes an indoor portion that, in addition to neat model trains, contains the china dishware from when train journey’s were a bit more classy. The detail is fantastic. In all honesty I would love to take a long train ride, to enjoy the journey and not rush from place to place.

This is a fantastic museum and it is worth a visit if you like trains and railroad history and want to do something a bit different with your time in Galveston. If you have visited or have visited some place similar I’d love to know your thoughts! Happy travels!

Thank you KW Photography for the use of your wonderful photos!


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