Galveston Bookshop


Before we ventured to the Railroad Museum, Keltin and I took a rather long detour by the Galveston Bookshop where we were promptly greeted by the shop cat, Carson. He rules the place and loves some scratches.

You can buy postcards with the kitty on them at the bookstore.

This bookstore had a wonderfully large fantasy and sci-fi section upstairs and I spent a ridiculous amount of time up there while at the shop. Keltin on the other hand was hanging out under the stairs searching for all the biographies on his list.

This bookstore is two blocks from The Stand and full to busting with used books. They also had a fun decorating style.

If you enjoy good used bookstores and want the chance to meet local authors I highly suggest stopping by the Galveston Bookstore if you are in the area! Happy reading!

Thank you KW Photography for the use of your photos.



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